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New Challenger Meme by animeaddict519 New Challenger Meme by animeaddict519
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A little bit late, but here's my Street Fighter meme. My very first meme, yay! Did this one because it looked like fun and because I've always loved the Street Fighter games, though I am really really bad at all of them OTL.

With my character, it doesn't really look all that much like me, but hey, it's a what would you look like in Streetfighter meme, not a what do you look like in real life meme. Made up, cheesy fighter name, because neither my real name nor my deviantID make for catchy world warrior names. My character would use pretty much exclusively psychic/dark/telekinesis/whatever the hell is going on by his head powers, seeing as I have basically no physical strength, but I'm smart. Main symptoms of being a nerd Would be really cheap too, cause that's the only way I win in SF.

Meme by :iconrobaato:
Here's the template if you want to do your own [link]
xxKelserxx Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2011
At first I was like

But then I was all

I love the way you drew the eyes btw.
Stop being so amazing at drawing guys, dang.
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